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Restoring the beauty of your outside spaces

For bespoke cleaning solutions speak to Class Clean Exteriors Limited


Domestic exterior cleaning experts

Keeping the kerbside appeal and enjoying the beauty of your own home is important, our services include window cleaning, facias & soffit, gutter vacuuming, driveway and patio cleaning and much more.  Many properties have a multitude of different types of hard landscaping, we offer a tailored cleaning solution for all.

 We have 10 years industry experience in what works best on each different surface, how it should be cleaned and whether it needs chemicals to do this, we offer a free no obligation quotation, price matching and can tailor a package to your gardens needs.

Our exterior services for domestic customers

Block Paving 

There is a lot more to cleaning your block paving than just pressure washing, depending on the condition of the surface, whether there are any dips in the paving and if it requires re-sanding, we offer the following services to keep your block paving looking its best:

  • Expert pressure washing 

  • Lichen & blackspot removal 

  • Re-sand 

  • Weedkilling 

  • efflorescence removal

  • Sealing

Paving, walls and patios

Patio, brickwork and paving slabs come in many different materials, porcelain, concrete and indian sandstone, the cleaning method for all depends on the general condition of the surface and whether there needs to be any repointing or re-laying of slabs, for surfaces suffering from black spot lichen growth we would use GK PRO natural surfactant cleaner, and we would need to assess the area to be treated if there are plants, shrubs, fish ponds or animals involved. Please contact us for further information.     

Decking and fencing cleaning

When cleaning decking it is important to maintain timbers as they are one of the fastest materials to rot and deteriorate. They can become very slippery and engulfed in mould, algae, moss and many other bacteria's. It is important that once cleaned to re treat the timber to prolong the lifespan of the wood, bringing it a new lease of life and save your pocket from costly replacements.  

Gutter cleaning

Guttering can become blocked and clogged up with leaves over time, this can cause damage and water leaks, due to the height that most guttering is it can be difficult to see if there is a problem.

Class Clean exteriors have invested in the skyVac® 'Real-Time' Inspection System Gutter Inspection Camera, this innovated system works from the ground meaning no ladders to climb, has a large LCD screen to show where needs attention and the images can be shown to customers, reaching up to eight metres, its ideal for all high-level inspection work.

Contact us today to get your guttering ready for winter. 

Window, Facia and soffit cleaning

We offer spot and streak free window and conservatory cleaning, using All QLEEN systems tried and trusted PURAQLEEN water treatment technology, filtering tap water, this removes impurities and limescale, ensuring your windows stay clean longer, the system is used from the ground and means we can safely clean up to 5.4 metres high for the following:

  • Previously inaccessible windows

  • Conservatories

  • Underside of guttering

  • Soffit boards

  • Bargeboards

  • UPVC fascia's

  • Cladding